A Comic Show! – 04/11/2012


After two weeks of Avengers vs X-Men we are all about CREATOR OWNED COMICS!
Experience creativity with SAGA #2 by Brian K. Vaughan, SECRET #1 by Hickman, SECRET SERVICE #1 by Mark Millar, America’s Got Powers by some British guy and Bryan Hitch, and Kirkman’s THIEF OF THIEVES #3!

There’s also some sensationalist “IRON MUSLIM” book by someone named Rich Johntson (sounds like a porn name)!

Try something new and amazing!

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Chozo Ninpo

Chozo Ninpo is a founding member of Channel Zero and one of the hosts of The Zero Level. He is the Project Manager for the Orlando Nerd Fest and an avid gamer, as well as a nerdcore rapper, a cosplayer, and the real life inspiration behind the FX cartoon "Chozen".