A Comic Show – 05/23/2012

This week is AWESOME!

First, I was right about the Northstar gay wedding (which I called from the solicit of Astonishing X-Men #48)!
Aw yeah equality!
Marvel also have two Uncanny X-Force collections out this week, Dark Angel Saga was evolved into X-Book Superior!

DC had Grant Morrison back on Batman Inc with Damien in tow!
Night of the Owls has two great tie-ins.
Aquaman turns the Black Manta relationship upside down.
The big winner of the week for me is Justice League Dark #9, now with Animal Man’s Jeff Lemire writing!
OMG I geekgasmed; Black Orchid, House of Secrets, Books of Magic!!!

Finally, two great mature reader indy collections came out.
Caligula by David Lapham is like Crossed in the Roman Empire!
Joe Hill (Locke & Key) make us believe a DICK can fly with The Cape!
I love seeing a self sabotaging douche bag get a super power!

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Chozo Ninpo

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