A Comic Show – 06/13/2012

Seriously, Batman #10 should be pronounced “Batman Win”!

Scott Snyder’s “aftermath” issue for Night of the Owls actually dropped a jaw dropping, game changing bomb that has nods to pre-52 continuity while taking it in a whole new route.
My mind is racing with the implications.

Beyond that, Before Watchmen Silk Spectre was a blast.
Amanda Conner’s art is perfect for this!
I’m really enjoying Darwin Cooke playing in this sandbox, and I know I’ll love Azzarello and JMS too!

Spider-MEN was so much fun as well, Bendis has a voice for Parker that I’ve missed lately.
I’ve read #2 as a “retailer” and this is a emotionally resonant team-up that will mean something for Miles in his own series whenever it syncs up (unless there’s some MIB mind erase junk in #5).

Finally, Brian Wood’s Massive #1 was brilliant!
It’s his post societal collapse thing he does so well, this time with an environmental and ideological twist.
If you read the write up in Bleeding Cool #0 you probably have an interest.
Hell, I’ll do a money back guarantee on this one!

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Including a sketch by Tony!

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