A Comic Show – 06/20/2012

This week I totally laughed out loud enjoying these books!

Avengers vs X-Men #6 was better than the first 5 put together.
This is Cyclops making his own third path between Xavier and Magneto!
Astonishing X-Men #51 is the big gay mutant interracial wedding and it’s romantical!
First you give them gay mutant marriage, then they take over the world and say “No More Avengers”.
It’s a slippery slope to some good comics.

Before Watchmen Comedian #1 may not be necessary for the Watchmen collection, but it sure helped me understand what happened with that JFK love triangle better!
Wonder Woman #10 made her more like Jesus than I was picking up on before, sure she’s the offspring of a god, but she’s also “love”.

Saga #4 continues to wow me.
Yes it’s highly sexual, but me and my wife love both it and Fifty Shades of Grey!
Walking Dead #99 is freaking ominous!
That’s a nice haul for this week.
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