A Comic Show – 07/25/2012

First we want to say our hearts go out to the victims of the Dark Knight Rises tragedy and their loved ones.

We know first hand that the sudden and violent loss of someone you love is horrible after losing Triforce Mike.
We will have a charitable response that people can be involved in soon.

In comics this week is all Jeff Lemire’s!
His original graphic novel Underwater Welder is amazing!
It’s a story about a guy dealing with the loss of his father and the birth of his son.
Lemire also has the one shot Nation Comics Kid Eternity for DC and introduces Tim Hunter to the New 52 in his Justice League Dark!
Geoff Johns also put out Aquaman and Green Lantern, but it’s the other Jeff’s week so we won’t mention them.

Hit-girl #2 has Kick-ass training her to be a real girl!
Seriously, he’s finally good at something!
Daredevil by Mark Waid volume 1 is out in softcover, it just won a ton of awards (like A Comic Shop), and is fun.
A Daredevil that’s fun? Trust me, it’s awesome.

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