A Comic Show – 08/22/2012

This week has one of my most favorite book’s first collection, Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing volume one!

I love it so much that I did a separate video on just that and Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man that will be up tomorrow.
Lemire’s Justice League Dark is also out…I love it and him!

Dr. Manhattan was truly great.
A heady story about accidents vs destiny with art so beautiful we usually only get it for covers!
Thanks Adam Hughes!

Supercrooks ended strong.
Violent, obscene, but with a twist.
Classic Millar!

Hero Worship is a great new Avatar book with a great hook: how pathetic would superhero fanboys be if the hero actually existed?
Yes, plz. Real life super heroes has been done.
Uber-fans that would rather chase their hero around town than have sex is something new.

Prophet is a crazy unique concept executed in a wildly original art style, I totally forgot this was loosely based on a Rob Liefield creation!

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