A Comic Show – 09/18/2012

Hey Fandom! It’s me, Aaron, with another A Comic Show Top Picks of the week video!

Diana the Godslayer takes the spotlight this week.
If you haven’t tried Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman, now is the time to start!
I’m sure you heard that she’s now Zeus’ daughter, so what? It’s freaking cool!
She still grew up thinking she was made of clay.
This title has redefined her in mission while re-imaging the Roman gods similar to the Endless.
She’s here to kill gods and protect mortals.

Nightwing #0 keeps Dick in pants! That’s right, his Robin never had bare legs!
Justice League has the origin of Shazam plus a back up with Pandora and the Question.
New Guardians sheds more light on the events of the GL Annual.
The New 52 volume one of Green Lantern Corps is a nice primer to the coming Third Army story.
You know, the one where John Stewart dies (speculation not spoiler).

Creator owner comics have another issue of Walking Dead, a thematic turning point.
It’s a turning of the other cheek.
Maybe Rick’s gonna be a pacifist because he only has one fist left.
Lastly, Revival’s rural noir vibe becomes a horror book with the undead granny gone wild!
Seriously, granny boobs. I still love the book though.

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