A Comic Show – 10/10/2012

This week has something for everyone! I mean, yeah, it’s gross stuff with Uncanny’s brains, Joker’s skinned face, and Saga’s poop jokes, but it’s all AWESOME!

Uncanny Avengers is a brilliantly paced first issue. Every scene builds to the mind blowing cliffhanger, yet it catches you completely off guard. This is Rick Remender at his Uncanny best, suck it DC for firing him off of Booster Gold!

Batman #13’s Death of the Family did not disappoint. Snyder is ready to stretch his horror muscles as Joker straps on his facial accouterments and goes after Batman’s family. Batgirl #13 may make Oracle fans happy…it’s shaping up to be Killing Joke 2.
The Third Army continues and Guy’s pride may recon the spelling the GL Corps to Corpse.

The Walking Dead Michonne Special has her backstory without the Playboy articles. Point of Impact is a new Noir by Faerber. Oh, and there’s a little something called Saga.
BKV rocked Y: The Last Man and is killing it on his new Sci-fi/fantasy/adventure/romance. It’s totally ADD crazy, but emotionally grounded in parethood. I’m offering a money back guarantee on Saga here. If you don’t love it, I’ll sell it to someone who will!

If you’re local, come by Wednesday the 10th for lots of Uncanny Avengers swag, a free Arrow comic, and watch Arrow with us at 8pm! Also, look for me at NYCC!

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