A Comic Show – 10/24/2012

Get ready for some fun in the tradition of Muppet Babies and um…X-BABIES, it’s A-Babies vs X-Babies!
A one-shot of awesome, full of Easter eggs.

On the flip side of babies Wolverine is also in a hardcore Marvel MAX adult book!

DC has Talon #1 the Batman: Court of Owls spin off co-written by Snyder, and it rocked.
I’m really digging this escape artist Talon and seeing him kick Talon tail.
Justice League Dark continued to entertain and I can’t wait for it to bleed into Trinity War.
Superman #13 was actually not bad!
It was the first part of H’el on Earth, had Clark quitting the Daily Planet, and was the first time I really felt that he’s the Man of Tomorrow in the new 52 Superman title.
Sure I love Morrison on Action and am excited for Snyder’s Man of Steel, but this was fun.
If you want more Superman in your life it’s time to give this title another look.

Oh, and if you want even MOAR FUN, BRAVEST WARRIOR #1 is like Adventure Time in space!
Check it out!

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