A Comic Show – 11/07/2012

Happy Democracy Day America! Celebrate the Presidency by watching Deadpool kill zombie ex-presidents!

Also, Brian Posehn is funny and Tony Moore can draw!

The new Iron Man Now revisits the extremis and Tony’s biggest fear of his weapons getting in the wrong hands.
Legends of the Dark Knight #2 is all Ben Templesmith!
His rogues rock and that Joker in the Bat costume is begging to be someone’s back tattoo!

Animal Man has the fight against the Rot, which this time happens to be the heroes Liefeld touched (Hawk & Dove, Hawkman, Grifter, and Deathstroke).
Swamp Thing has a new Sea King fighting the Rot.
Green Lantern Baz doesn’t sound like a terrorist according to Cyborg, but his “Sinestro’s” ring has other ideas.

Valiant’s Shadowman by Justin (Luther Strode) Jordin is off to a dark start, New Orleans must of gotten a lot more demons since Hurricane Katrina.
Lastly, ADVENTURE TIME is collected!
Volume one is here, so if you were waiting for the trade, it’s Trade Time!

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