A Comic Show – 12/26/2012

Hey Fandom! Merry Christmas! Comic Shops have NEW COMICS NOW, the day after Christmas!

First, I’m not spoiling Amazing Spider-man #700. What’s public knowledge is Peter isn’t Spider-man anymore and there is a new “Superior” Spider-man. I talk about #700 with that detail and the events of #698 and #699 mentioned. Here’s the thing; I liked #700. It was fun and I can’t wait to see where the story goes for the near future. Yes, this may only last a year like the “death” of Cap and Batman did, but I enjoyed the time with Bucky and Dick none the less. I know Mark Waid has some insane match ups with Daredevil and Mr. Superior coming too. I do empathize with Peter fans (I even know a guy who named his son Parker), but we’ll have Peter back before too long (not like my dearly departed Ted Kord). So try Amazing #700, you may enjoy the ride.

DC Comics basically had one 40 page comic just published as JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN #15. Throne of Atlantis threw down the gauntlet by flooding both Metropolis and Gotham! Also, are all Atlantians as strong as Aquaman? If so the League is in big trouble. Geoff Johns loves making Aquaman shine and putting him between the League and the surface world and his brother and Atlantis takes that to the extreme.

Boom has Deathmatch #1 which is an ‘R’ rated Secret Wars! What would happen if people with these level of powers fought each other? A lot of death. We have the Phantom Variant cover that’s an homage to Secret Wars #1 (and we’re giving it out FREE at A Comic Shop).

Finally Image has MARA #1 by Brian Wood. If you’re a fan of Wood, you’ll love it. If you are starting to get annoyed with the mainstream event books put out by the big two instead of just complaining about what you don’t like by Marvel and DC, try one of Image’s creator owned books and fall in love with comics again! In my shop I’ve been giving out Image Firsts #1’s of Saga, Fatale, Chew, Walking Dead, and others.

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