Channel Zero will be at MAGfest XII!

We went last time and had a blast, so this time we’re gearing up for what could easily be the best MAGfest ever!

At Channel Zero there’s no denying how much we just love MAGfest. It’s such a great time, with great friends, amazing concerts, and enough gaming to last you a lifetime.

At the last MAGfest, Channel Zero had a hotel room party and concert with about 30 or so attendees that got to see unique performances by Navi, Professor Shyguy, My Parent’s Favorite Music, and even a special appearance by Random AKA MegaRan! This time we’re looking to do keep the party going as we’ve once again rented out the large size Executive Suite in preparation for it all.

Hanging out with us this year will be Chozo Ninpo and Shamus Oddish of The Zero Level, Kent Ward and Nancy Lee of Propeller Anime, Patrick Alexander from That Other Song, Mr. Mendo from Mr. Mendo’s Hack Attack, zenithwillrule from the Media Meltdown, and That Gothic Kid from thatgothickid productions!

Who knows what other special guests might show up?
You’re not going to want to miss this. :)

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Chozo Ninpo

Chozo Ninpo is a founding member of Channel Zero and one of the hosts of The Zero Level. He is the Project Manager for the Orlando Nerd Fest and an avid gamer, as well as a nerdcore rapper, a cosplayer, and the real life inspiration behind the FX cartoon "Chozen".