Gettin’ Pixelated Podcast – 03/06/2013

March Mayhem!

(Dj Cutman ft. S&CO – 8-Bit Brawl)

YTCracker & Projektzero – Pinot Noir Superstar
Beefy & Beaker – Homebody
XoC & Danger Aaron – The Spit
Shubzilla & Yuki no Oto – Mixed Nuts

(Dj Cutman ft. Smiletron – Bone Fracture/Dj Cutman ft. Blitz Lunar – 77)

Zilla Persona & Dain Saint – Basement Show
Hairestu & Benjamin Bear – Imma Get Drunk
Lex Lingo & Bill Beats – Point of No Return
sulfur & cecilnick – Instigator

(Dj Cutman ft. Ben Briggs – Final Level of the Game)

Tribe One & Jesse Dangerously – Teh Internets
Kordlyss & Mozart – Sardoodledom
Sample the Martian & Nikola Lazar Whallon – Insert Coin
Rift & Savilion – Crew Rolls Deep (In the Snow)

(Dj Cutman ft. TheDutchess – Gateway Timeout)

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Chozo Ninpo

Chozo Ninpo is a founding member of Channel Zero and one of the hosts of The Zero Level. He is the Project Manager for the Orlando Nerd Fest and an avid gamer, as well as a nerdcore rapper, a cosplayer, and the real life inspiration behind the FX cartoon "Chozen".