Gettin’ Pixelated Podcast – 04/11/2012

April Showers as we make it rain in with the latest in nerdy hits!

Mega Ran w/ Tribe One and Jermiside â Miles Morales
Mikal kHill and Romero Shaw – Blow Up
Adam WarRock – The Best
MC Cool Whip – Float On

Wordburglar w/ More or Les – Rhyme O Clock
Fatback Supreme – No Regrets
Billy the Fridge â Rap It In Bacon
Torrentz w/ Mr. Spastic, Klopfenpop, C0splay, and Marc With a C – Cereal (A Day in the Life)

Dr. Awkward – Different
Swagberg w/ Maros – Pony Swag
Soup or Villainz – Go
King Pheenix – Hero vs Villain (Dj RoboRob Remix)

About the author

Chozo Ninpo

Chozo Ninpo is a founding member of Channel Zero and one of the hosts of The Zero Level. He is the Project Manager for the Orlando Nerd Fest and an avid gamer, as well as a nerdcore rapper, a cosplayer, and the real life inspiration behind the FX cartoon "Chozen".