Gettin’ Pixelated Podcast – 06/20/2012

Professor Drew Love brings it extra hard to you for this episode!

(dj roborob – the mothersound)

Random w/ MC Frontalot – Wake Up!
Adam WarRock – When the Winter Comes
YTCracker – Throne I Own
MC Lars – Lars Attacks!

(dj roborob – alive again)

Soup Or Villainz – I’m a Zombie
sAMPLE tHE mARTIAN – The T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard Mix)
King Pheenix w/ HDninja – Open Sky
My Parents Favorite Music – Koolaid

(dj roborob – clockwork)

The ThoughtCriminals w/ Illbotz – Return of the Antagonist (Untested Methods Remix)
The Shinobi MC – The Violence of the Daylight
Shammers – Starcraft is Racist
Rappy McRapperson – So Punk Rock Like Avril Lavigne

(dj roborob – delectro (extended mix))

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Chozo Ninpo

Chozo Ninpo is a founding member of Channel Zero and one of the hosts of The Zero Level. He is the Project Manager for the Orlando Nerd Fest and an avid gamer, as well as a nerdcore rapper, a cosplayer, and the real life inspiration behind the FX cartoon "Chozen".