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Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinistrals is also known as Estpolis Denki 2 and is the prequel to the first Lufia title. It was released in Feb of 95 in Japan published by Taito and August 96 in North America published by Natsume.

This game is vastly different from Lufia 1 in play style, yes its still an RPG with similar battle systems and some characters, but the similarities end there. This game was heavily influenced by The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, I know that might sound weird, but they mix the dungeon crawling adventure puzzle game with RPG very well. I had a ton of fun playing this one, and I was kind of hesitant with having just played the first one not too long ago. I had heard of several people telling me they greatly enjoyed this one and had actually never played the first one. I can’t say enough how surprised I was of how much fun it was to go through this game.


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