NXT 5/11/2016


Last week on NXT…Eric Young made his tryout/debut on NXT!

This week Finn Balor is coming back after losing the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe a couple weeks ago. Also, we are building to the next Takeover special that’s happening on June 8th. And this is the last time we’ll going to see Alex Riley and his RAAAGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

The Time: May 11th, 2016
The Place: Full Sail University
The Hosts: Corey Graves and Tom Phillips

Finn’s here! And he’s taking fashion tips from Randy Orton with a shirt and a lack of pants. The crowd chants Bullet Club, who is not coming, and then “Thank You Finn!”. He goes over the past two Takeovers where he said that his matches with Samoa Joe could have gone either way…but he won, except that time in Lowell. Then The Drifter Elias Sampson comes in, strumming his guitar and singing a song of some kind. Finn is annoyed and the crowd is choking on their boos of this man. Elias stops strumming and says Finn is nothing without the NXT title. Finn doesn’t take his guff and does a PELES KICK to Elias, kicks right out of the ring. Then he throws his guitar out of the ring but Elias catches it in a very awesome catch.

There’s social media reaction about Eric Young. Speaking of Eric Young, they show an interview with Eric about why he came to NXT. He wants to challenge himself and be a world class athlete/maniac in NXT.

Finn comes to the NXT hallway choking on his own rage about Elias. He’s asked about Samoa Joe by some chick and Finn says that he’ll talk about Joe after he’s done kicking Elias Sampson’s ass.


The crowd chants “You deserve it” to American Alpha and their tag team belts. Jason Jordan is very appreciative of it. Gable does his awesome mat wrestling on one of those jobbers…he kinda looks like a low-rent Adam Cole, without the BAYBAY. Jordan gets the tag and hits Adam Cole jr in the face with a dropick. The other guy is tagged and Jordan just throws him high in the air and the jobber lands RIGHT ON HIS FACE! American Alpha is just treating these guys like punching bags, like a Midnight Express squash from 1986 where it’s a massacre, not a match. Oh…the jobbers are getting offense and working the heat on Gable. Jordan gets the hot tag and throws one of the jobbers high on his face again, then suplexes the jobbers. JORDAN’S STRAPS ARE DOWN, IT JUST GOT REAL! Of course, The Revival comes out and is standing there…MENACINGLY! But American Alpha pays it no mind as Jordan hits his spear on the corner and both guys hit Grand Amplitude on whatshisface for the pin. Fun squash match.


The Revival looks and congratulates American Alpha on their win, but it’s not time for them to strike yet.

Some chick, possibly the same one that asked Finn a question earlier is interviewing Shinsuke Nakamura. She asks him what does he thing his opponent, Alex Riley, mean by RAAAGGGGEEEE!!!! Nakamura just says “Shaking with rage!” and shakes out of there.


The last we see of Alex Riley’s RAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!!! I barely started this gig and I already lost my favorite running gag. Ok, match time. They lock up and Riley slaps Nakamura in the corner. Nakamura doesn’t care and throws him out of the ring like the garbage he is. Riley comes back and Nakamura hits a few hard strikes but misses a knee drop. Riley chops Nakamura and does a dropkick, knocking Nakamura down. And he’s really pushing the disrespect by slapping the back of his head. Nakamura just unleashes a horrible barrage of knees and stomps on Riley. Nakamura does the an Inverted Exploder suplex and hits the Kinshasha for the pin. Bye Riley and Riley’s RAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!


Austin Aries is at William Regal’s office. Austin says he’s not another guy and he came to make an impact. But who should interrupt but Blake and Murphy who wants another title match to Austin’s displeasure. He dresses them down and said that they lack the decency to bring Alexa Bliss with them…but they actually do have her and she comes out. Everybody bickers until Regal stops it and says Blake/Murphy wrestles Austin Aries and a partner of his choice next week. Austin says he doesn’t need a partner but he is gonna make a phone call to one anyways.

Finn Balor is up against Elias Sampson later.


Rachel Ellering is the daughter of legendary Legion of Doom manager Precious Paul Ellering. She even has a generic dance theme too! Corey Graves makes the case that Alexa will make a name by beating the daughters of legends with her beating Tessa Blanchard two weeks ago. This is just a very basic match with basic holds and basic strikes. Alexa hits the Sparkle Splash for the pin. It really was a basic Alexa Bliss beating up a jobber match, nothing much of note but Rachel Ellering shows a little promise.


Interview segment with Bayley and she’s asked when her rematch with Asuka is happening. Before she can answer, Nia Jax comes and runs down Bayley and if they wrestle again, it will not be a repeat of the NXT Takeover: London they had. Oh, looks it’s going to be Bayley and Nia Jax next week.


And they start off with both men doing mat wrestling and amateur holds. Elias rolls out of the way to these commercial messages! We’re back with Finn doing armbars but Elias overpowers Finn to one long, sustained boo. Elias does a couple elbow drops and a suplex for a 2 count. Elias getting the heat and there’s that long, sustained boo…got admire the lungs of that guy. Finn gets a second wind and his doing running knife-edge chops, throws him out of the ring and does his running kick on the apron deal. Back in the ring, Finn hits a slingblade, the dropkick to the corner and finally the Bloody Sunday, now named as 1916 for the pin.


Finn finally sends his message to Joe. He says he lost to Joe fair and square but he wants his rematch immediately, if not sooner! He says he was obsessed with NXT and the NXT Championship but now he’s possessed with what belongs to him in a very fiery promo! Of course Samoa Joe comes out and yelling until Regal comes running to make sure that it doesn’t break down into chaos. Regal sets up Finn vs. Joe IV, or III if you’re counting televised matches, at Takeover while Joe whines he doesn’t deserve a title shot. So Finn leaps over the ropes, knocks Joe out and says he’s coming for the belt as the show ends.

Good show, there’s some momentum brewing for Takeover and the squashes were fun enough.

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