Opal City Radio Episode 28: Emily and Mike square off against…. IRON MAN 3! (and some other stuff)


Opal City Listeners! Place your bets and gather ’round the gamblin’ table for another toss of the audio dice at Opal City Radio!

We’ve got a new podcast episode out, where we talk House of M, Invincible, A lil’ bit of Fables, some video games (with a link this time! :O) and more! Also, Mike is really, really, really, really scared of Metro 2033.

SPOILERS INBOUND! RAISE SHIELDS! We might ruin the fun of Iron Man three, so we’ve marked the audio with shouting and hollering. Hopefully you steer clear…if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3.

Also! Emily wanted to include a link to OFF here, so visit and give the creator some love!

Intro: Symptom of the Universe – Black Sabbath
Outro: Dropkick the punks – The Faint

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