Opal City Radio Episode 41: Emily’s official Questionable Choices podcast!


OCR 41 has a lot of very, very questionable content that you, dear listener, might find quite enthralling!

We’re talking Infinity Gauntlet’s thrilling conclusion, All New Xmen, The Superior Foes of Spider Man, The… *groan* X-files comic, Lady Rawhide, and some more OG Wonder Woman!

In the realm of movies, Emily has made some more choices that raise the eyebrows! Rollerball, Barbarian Queen, Xena season 2, and The Dunwich Horror have apparently all made the cut.

intro: Love Is A Burgeois Concept – Pet Shop Boys
outro: Pocket Calculator – Kraftwerk

Oh, and Mike talks about Zeno Clash! ZENO CLASH!


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