Opal City Radio Episode 42


Boy oh boy, the Opal City Radio labs sure cooked up an awesome podcast for you this week!

We’re talking New 52 Grifter, Final Crisis, Captain Marvel, Strangers in Paradise, some Bond movies, Demolition Man (Simon Says, “DIE!”), Super, and even a little bit of Hammerwatch!

So step into your tuxedo and grab your PPK, because this promises to be a podcast worthy of any double 0 operative!

intro: Judas Priest – You Got Another Thing Coming
outro: Duran Duran – A View To A Kill

(Mike Corrections: Cafu did the pencils for the initial Grifters, and Scott Clark took over for him! Scott Clark, you made Grifter at least LOOK amazing! …and he took over in FIVE not SIX.)

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