Opal City Radio Episode 46: The Episode that Mike Thought was 44!


Man, that Mike Sanders guy, he’s a real CARD. He’s so hopped up on goofballs and crank that he can’t even name the episodes correctly! Honestly, though, it’s not my fault – my word file…and…and…and….

No! There’s no excuses! Take what’s in this little audio offering and listen to it instead! Countdown. More Countdown! Issues 29 – 20 in fact! I’m also going to speak on a little bit of Bioshock Infinite, in case you haven’t bought it and played it yet…and a little DOUBLE DRAGON NEON! That’s right – Billy and Jimmy Lee got a REBOOT!

intro: Misty Days – Buju Banto & Rancid
outro: Under Deck – FunkerVogt


(Can anorexic Professor X and Weirdbody Largeheaded Boy save Una and Karate Kid?!?)

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