Opal City Radio Episode 50: A Whole Year of OCR!


To all of you that listen, hey, thanks a bunch! We’ve reached a WHOLE YEAR of Opal City Radio – it’s our anniversary show, but we’re not gonna do anything different! We’re just gotta deliver some HARD HITTING comics, movies and games talkin’!

We’re jawin’ about Superior Spider Man, *cou-Archie-gh*, Supernatural Season 9, Agents of SHIELD, GTA V, and the new fables game! Also, a big shout-out to Welcome to Nightvale! (Who I can’t wait to subscribe to!)

…and hey, all music is provided by those hoppin’ hep-cats, the Opal City Aces! I’m so overcome with emotion that I might… I might… *sniiiiiiifffle*

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Shamus Oddish