Propeller Anime Radio (Ep. 2): Dream Con(Part 1 of ???)


A lot of you listened to our first episode of our podcast and some of you told us you dug it! That’s pretty awesome!

We’re on episode two at the very end of this month! Topics include:

– Science fiction class in high school
– Kent is a hip-hop show promoter
– Highlights of Macross Plus!
– Macross Plus: Movie or OVA?
– The challenges of getting introduced into mecha anime
– A bunch of rambling about the Gundam franchise
– Mecha anime that is easy to get into
– Talking about an UNPUBLISHED crowdfund project to rent a movie theater! (Oops!)
– Ongaku Overdrive!
– Crap we’re doing at MegaCon
– Our dream con!
– Problems with Florida conventions
– What the Florida conventions need to have or do better
– Reading a DANGEROUS e-mail for the first time during a recording!

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Shamus Oddish