Propeller Anime Radio (Ep. 9): The Good, the Bad, and the WTF – Fall Season 2013


The Fall 2013 anime season is underway and the voice for anime fans in Orlando that know better dive in! Kent and Shamus spent many hours on the couch and cranking up the Crunchyroll.

Based on what look interesting and what was recommended to us, we checked out a dozen series. There was a nice mix of good, bad and straight up ridiculous with three standouts thus far. There are definitely some “Best of 2013” contenders to check out!

Before we get into that, we have updates to our 7th Anniversary Halloween Party on October 26th and our donation drive to rent out a movie theater for our “Best of 2013” Anime Marathon. Plus, November has several events that we are looking forward to attending! Very exciting times ahead as the year closes out.

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