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Pinheads – Bernie 2016 Outtakes

The holiday special Bernie 2016 ran a little longer than expected so this video contains the full scene. Plus there were a few trial runs of the speech plus, a little joking around from lead actor Chris Patterson.

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Pinheads Holiday Special – Bernie 2016

In this holiday special, the gang convinces Bernie he’s been elected president of the United States. Bernie goes overboard as expected.

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Pinheads Holiday Special – Bernie 2016 Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Pinheads holiday special Bernie 2016.

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Movie Questions Answered – The Final Answer

In this series finale, Alex tackles a few questions that sound awfully familiar before making a big decision.

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Pinheads Season 1 Outtakes and Gag Reel

While we didn’t mess up a whole lot during filming, but there were a few amusing outtakes as well as a few scenes that were cut simply for pacing.

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Pinheads Episode 6 – Weekend without Bernie

In this season finale, when Bernie goes missing, Kenny is left in charge. He gives odd jobs to Brian, Steven and Charlie around the bowling alley.

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Pinheads Episode 5 – Kenny’s Sister

Bernie’s daughter visits to help around the bowling alley. However, she proves to be smitten with Brian, drawing the ire of Steven.

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Pinheads Episode 4 – Hooked on a Feeling

Steven hires a call girl to spend the night with Charlie.

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Pinheads Episode 3 – Bernie vs Turkey

Bernie tries to catch a turkey during Thanksgiving, but the turkey is smarter than Bernie realizes.

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Pinheads Episode 2 – Charlie is Pregnant

In this episode, the gang becomes convinced that Charlie has been impregnated.

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