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The NPC and his companions look over various geeky things including fantasy, sci-fi, rpg's, movies, cartoons, and anime.

The NPC Reviews: Mighty Max

Today The NPC plays with his toys and the 90s with Mighty Max. A dreaded enemy returns.

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The NPC’s Game Night: 7 Wonders

Tonight the NPC and company play a bout of 7 Wonders. Featuring ancient glories, cats, and random musical numbers!

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The NPC Reviews: The Last Unicorn

Today the NPC delves into magical equine matters, with a new presence, in the NPC reviews… You really shouldn’t be surprised by this.

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The NPC Reviews: Dragonlance – Dragons of Autumn Twilight

The NPC takes his punishment and looks at the movie adaptation of the first Dragon lance novel. Don’t get your hopes up.

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The NPC: The Cthulhu Monologues

Things take a Love-craftian turn with the NPC.

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The NPC: Cards Against Humanity

The night before Ani-jam the NPC finds himself with time and Cloaky. Hopefully this will not end poorly.

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The NPC: Leaving the Hamlet – Ani-Jam

The NPC follows someone away from the hamlet to Ani-jam in Fresno. Slightly confused at it all. What shall the NPC discover?

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The NPC Reviews: W.I.T.C.H.

This time around the NPC takes a look at one of his favored western Magical girl shows. Parental embarrassment to follow….

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The NPC Reviews: Spookybeans

This time the NPC grabs some make-up and does some introspection with a look at the goth comics RPG Spookybeans.

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The NPC Reviews: Arkham Horror

This time the NPC takes a look at his first ever requested title.

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