Slacker and The Man (Ep. 275): Star Trek Into Darkness

On this episode of Slacker And The Man the guys review Noobz and A Good Day To Die Hard.

They also discuss which upcoming movies they’re looking forward to, revive the old bit of watching a Netflix movie to review every week, RainbowWarrior calls in to promote Oasis Con, and then The Man and Dobbs debate Star Trek Into Darkness. The Man loved it and Dobbs hated it.

The Star Trek into Darkness portion of this episode does contain heavy spoilers. But it doesn’t start until the second half, after the music/commercial break, and there are plenty of warnings. So the first half of the show is absolutely spoiler free.

This week’s Netflix movie will be Lockout, watch it this week to follow along with the review on Episode 276! http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70228039?strkid=936388789_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70228039

Get more information on Oasis Con! http://oasfis.org/oasis/

Thanks for listening!

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