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Cartoon Corner: How Much is Kingdom Hearts

15 years of light, darkness and hearts but have you ever wondered how much Kingdom Hearts is worth to a fan?

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Stuff You Like 148: Portal GLADOS

Welp, this was a triumph.

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The Punchline: Garfield – Caught in the Act

Let’s dig up my childhood Sega for a look at one of many, many Garfield based video games!

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Slope’s Game Room – STEEP

I love me some classic snowboarding goodness… who doesn’t?

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Video Game History Episode 29 – Deus Ex

By the mid 1990’s Warren Spector had already made a big name for himself from his involvement on the first person role playing games ‘Ultima Underworld’ and ‘System Shock’.

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Video Games History: Meme 4 Dead 2

The Comic Cron crew streamed some Left 4 Dead 2, this is the result.

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Video Games History: Top Ten Reasons Why Doom 4 SUCKS

You know they had like 15 years to get this game right?

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Ubisoft ponders “punishment” for Division’s exploit enhanced players.

Players of The Division have been having a field day exploiting high level gear in the recently released raid-like “Falcon Lost” incursion and Ubisoft has been thinking about how to best handle it, possibly even resorting to punishing the players themselves for “going rogue” against the developer’s End User License Agreement (EULA).

Video Games History Impressions: Doom 4 Multiplayer Beta

First impressions of the Doom 4 multiplayer beta with FIoppyCatfish.

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Slope’s Game Room – The Video Kid: 80’s Edition

I think you are gonna struggle to find another game with more 80’s references than this!

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