The DVD Shelf Reviews Ep. 24: Falling Down

In this episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, we’ll be going a little crazy with Michael Douglas as he navigates the gritty Los Angeles landscape in Joel Schumacher’s 1993 psychological crime thriller, Falling Down.

With Douglas in the lead role as a borderline psychotic gun-toting anti-hero, I was reminded of some other movies that share similar themes and main characters. So, as a little bonus feature, I’ll follow up my review of Falling Down and its Blu-ray by briefly reviewing six additional films including “Joe” starring Peter Boyle, “Taxi Driver” starring Robert De Niro, “Gran Torino” starring Clint Eastwood, “Hobo With a Shotgun” starring Rutger Hauer, “Super” starring Rainn Wilson, and “God Bless America” starring Joel Murray.


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Shamus Oddish