The Nostalgia Critic has returned!

I’m sure everyone knows by now, but I wanted to make a post about it.

Frankly, I’m not going to beat around the elephant in the room, but I had a feeling this whole time (for a multitude of reasons) that this would happen.

First of all, the most obvious reason being that it’s no secret that The Nostalgia Critic videos had to be a large source of advertising income, and giving up your livelihood is no easy task.
Second, the fan outcry for him to come back was just wild. So many people were continuously messaging, emailing, commenting, everything, that they wanted to see the character return.
That had to figure into it heavily, and he likes to give the fans what they want.

Third, and most importantly, when we interviewed Doug at ShadoCon I felt that he had a real glow to the way that people were treating him, both as Doug Walker AND as the Nostalgia Critic.
You can tell that he loves his fans and is very humble about his life, and it was pretty obvious that he loves BEING the character as well.
This was most demonstrated when he answered our question about how it felt to be requested to perform the same meme’s over and over again.
His initial, “really?”, that quickly turns into a great feeling when he sees the people laugh and having a good time.

As a “reviewer” myself, (and I use that term as loosely as all hell) I feel pretty good to see him back at it, because he’s one of the best IMHO.
Sure, it may make things a little more difficult for those that saw a boost due to his departure, but this only means that it’s time to get down and work harder and release the best videos that we can.
We should be doing that anyways, regardless of what’s going on around us.

My official opinion and feelings on the situation, is, “WELCOME BACK TO THE FOLD, NOSTALGIA CRITIC! WE MISSED YOU!”

We’ve all got a hell of a lot of videos to make, so let’s get to it!


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