Tune Switch Episode 4: Snow White & The Seven Dwarves VS The Blair Witch Project

Hey howdy hey folks! Little Miss Mix Up here switching those themes for you. Well, you know the drill, here’s the newest episode this week.

Don’t worry…not every week will be Disney VS Horror. Keep your eyes posted for different switches coming up in the next few weeks. A few other notes to mention: Don’t forget my mate The Blockbuster Chick’s show. She’s already reviewed the WORST movie alive – 2012. Look out for her next review – Wild Wild West coming soon. And…check out her new weekly podcast (she’s a co-host) starting this week: Attack of the Awesome, where the guys will discuss all the latest movies, music, video games etc and chat to an internet legend that is: THE CINEMA SNOB!!!!! That’s right baby. Speak to you soon and keep on switching!


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